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Reminiscences - memories of bygone Guarlford

In gathering information for our books, the Guarlford History Group were privileged that people shared with us their own personal memories of times past, some written and some passed by word of mouth. This archive forms a rich aural and social history of the area to which we hope to add. Some of the stories given to us are listed below and more appear in the local history books 'The Guarlford Story' and 'The Guarlford Scene'.

We are still adding new material about the area, present and past, as time goes on. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Menu of stories

About Leslie Halward (author)

About Marie Hall (violinist)

Agricultural Timeline

An Evacuee Remembers by Reg Bevan

An Evacuee Remembers by Don Smith

Beard Family Memorial Bench

Charlie Williams (1923 - 2011)

Flying Circus

Frank Jarrett

Guarlford Detachment Home Guard

Guarlford Village Fete 1993 video

Growing up in the 1920s, by Amy Georgina Neal

James Neal and the Railway Tunnel

Horsing about with dogs and lorries

John Clement 'Jack' Meeks, basket maker

Joan Bradshaw, village historian

John Bedington (RN, DEMS)

John Henry Tandy (The Great War)

Lest we forget

More memories of an evacuee by Don Smith

Pilot Rescue

Poems by Ernest Edward Jackson

Recollections of Keith Chester

Recollections of Alf Young

Reg Green,  "I got on my bike"

Sam Beard's Doodles

Sam Beard remembers Lt Oliver Churchill

Sam Beard, Memories of

Sinking of the City of Nagpur

St Mary's church and its bell

St Mary's church baptism register and clergy

St Mary's church circa 1900 and Revd Newson

St Mary's church interior and memorials

St Mary's church interior and benefactors

St Mary's churchyard

St Mary's churchyard survey with photographs

St Mary's churchyard survey (archived August 2014)

Sunday School

The Pack Horse Way and the Old Elm

The Tin Tabernacle

The WFWI Banner

The Willis and Morris families

William Hubert Morris, Military Medal

Audio clips

Sam Beard talks about joining the army

Charlie Williams talks about his rescue of a pilot

Recent research

About John Archer (hotel keeper of Great Malvern)

About Charles Andrew a Victorian benefactor

About Charles Morris a Victorian benefactor

About Revd William Joseph Fancourt

Church tithe of 1866

The Beckwith sisters and their family

The Tudor Edwardes sisters and their family

Extracts from the Foley Estates Sale of 1910


The railway tunnels under the hills

New single line tunnel at Colwall

Modern times

The Diamond Jubilee picnic 2012

If you have memories you would like placed on this page, please contact the webmaster.

Last updated 22nd February 2022