Guarlford St Mary's

Church Services and Events in the Benefice of Powick, Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland

The regular pattern of church service, has been replaced by a more varying programme, so it is very important to check the new Benefice website,


to ascertain where services are being held and when, so you don't turn up at an empty church.

If the table of church services below has been populated it has been copied from the new Benefice website, so check the link above in case of any last minute changes.




St Mary


St Mary


St Peter

Callow End

St James

19th December - 11:00 am Nine Lessons and Carols 4:00 pm Nine Lessons and Carols

6:30 pm Nine Lessons and Carols
9:30 am Advent Holy Communion
24th December - 2 pm Crib Service

10 pm First Communion of Christmas
3 pm Crib Service

11:15 pm First Communion of Christmas
4 pm Crib Service
25th December 9:30 am Christmas Presence - - -
- - - - -