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The Guarlford Story


Front cover of the Guarlford Story'The Guarlford Story' was researched, written and published by the Guarlford History Group (GHG).

It is an account of Guarlford from pre-Roman days until the present time, with the emphasis on social activities and working environments over the last one hundred and fifty years.

It describes the dramatic changes that have taken place over the last five or six decades, how Guarlford has changed from a self contained rural community to one in which there is no longer a village school, where farms employ fewer workers, and all but one of the clubs and societies have vanished.

Nevertheless, Guarlford, as is evident from this account, is still a thriving, albeit different community.

The book has many interesting quality illustrations. For example the photo below, which begins the introduction to the book, that shows Lady Beauchamp opening a parish fete circa 1910.

Introduction - title sketch

The rear cover of the Guarlford StoryThe rear cover of the book can be seen in the photo opposite (click to enlarge).


ISBN 0-9550498-0-6

220 page

UK price 10 RRP


Published in the UK 2005

by The Guarlford History Group


Printed in England by

Print Plus Hereford


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This book was sponsored by the Local Heritage Initiative (LHI) which was a national grant scheme that helped local groups to investigate, explain and care for their local landscape, landmarks, tradition and culture.