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Sale of the Foley Estates in 1910


Foley Estates sale coverThe Foley Estates sale took place on 15th and 16th September 1910 by order of Sir Henry Foley Grey, Bart a relative of Lady Foley who once 'ruled the roost' in Malvern. (The Foley family had made their money from ironworks some three hundred years before.) The auctioneer was Messrs Walter, Ludlow & Briscoe of Temple Street, Birmingham, and the sale was held in the Assembly Rooms, Great Malvern in Worcestershire.

The sale comprised farms, land and homes in Malvern Link, Great Malvern, Malvern Wells, Guarlford, Barnards Green, Sherrard's Green, Hall Green and Pool Brook in the parishes of Great Malvern and Guarlford amounting to about 1,365 acres and divided into 101 lots. The sale gave many tenants the opportunity to buy their homes and in some cases farms.

On this page we take a look at some of the land and buildings sold adjoining the Guarlford Road.

Many of the black and white cottages which stood along the Guarlford Road and at Hall Green have since been demolished, but the sale catalogue indicates where these properties were and who was renting them in 1910. The 1911 census tells us more about these residents.

The area now referred to as Barnards Green in those days ran either side of the Guarlford Road from the present shops most of the way to Guarlford. Hall Green Road and the surrounding modern houses did not exist in 1910, and there seems to have been just a footpath or track across Hall Green common to the Madresfield Road.

Here are extracts from the Foley Estates sale catalogue about the land and buildings surrounding the Guarlford Road which comprised lots 63 to 79 of the sale, to which has been added a little information about the people that lived there in 1911 and subsequent use of the land and buildings.

Extracts from the sale catalogue

Lots 63 to 66 - fields which are now housing

Lots 63 to 66 comprised fields to the north of the Guarlford Road and to the west of Hall Green.

The Guarlford Road Estate was built here in the 1970s, including  such roads as Eston Avenue, Hastings Road, Windrush Crescent and Teme Avenue. Many scientists from the Signals Research and Development Establishment came to live there when their base at Christchurch was closed and work moved to Malvern; SRDE and the Royal Radar Establishment were then merged to become the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.

Lot 63 was described as freehold accommodation land of about 6 acres with a frontage of 107 yards let to Thomas Lisseman and Thomas Powles at £14 per annum.

Lot 64 was described as two fields of freehold accommodation land of about 6 acres with a frontage of 116 yards let to George Brant and James Butt at about £14 per annum.

Lot 65 was a corner field of freehold accommodation land of about 3 acres having a frontage of 220 yards let to Mr Herbert Phipps at about £7 per annum.

Lot 66 headed 'Hall Green' was an adjacent field of freehold accommodation meadow land of 3 acres let to George Brant at £7 per annum; the tenant paying rates and taxes. The field fronted on to the west side of Hall Green common (overlooking the pond immediately behind Teme Avenue).

The 1911 census records that George Lisseman and George Brant were cab proprietors, Thomas Powles was a carpenter, and James Butt was a plumber and painter, so it's possible their fields were used to graze horses used to pull cabs, and carts.

We found only one Herbert Phipps in Malvern in 1911; he was then a gardener living at Hayes Bank Cottage (near St Andrew's church), but previously he had also been a cab proprietor.

Lot 67 - Rose Farm

Lot 67 comprised fields opposite the Green Dragon pub known as Rose Farm. This lot was headed 'Guarlford, Barnards Green' and described as a compact small freehold estate:

comprising two modern built cottages and four enclosures of Meadow Land and Orcharding, together with ample farm buildings. In the occupation of Mr Charles Warner as annual tenant, Michaelmas entry, at a rent of £106, the tenant paying all rates and taxes.

The (semi-detached)cottages are brick built with tiled roofs, and are sub-let to John Cameron and John Bamford,  and the accommodation comprises Vestibule, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Larder, Back Kitchen, and three Bedrooms, with Pigsty and run, w.c. and garden.

The farm buildings adjoining are enclosed in a yard, and contain two Pigsties, brick and tiled Barn, Cider House and Mill, two-stall Stable, Tool Shed, Furnace and Boiler, Coal House, Cider Shed, Wood Shed and Rick Yard. In part 264 is an enclosed yard with range of shedding, brick and tiled Buildings for four cows, Loose Box and Loft over, and a Loose Box.

In field number 265 is a brick and timber built Barn with tiled roof, known as the 'Old Malt House'. (This may be the building referred to in the Guarlford Story as a Tithe Barn, since demolished.)

Remarks:- This lot is very convenient as every field abuts on to a highway. The land is of excellent quality, the Houses are well built and in good order, and the Buildings ample and sufficient for a small country or pleasure farm.

Charles Warner ran a livery stables on Belle Vue Terrace, so was probably grazing his horses at Rose Farm. John Cameron born Edinburgh was unemployed in 1911; possibly he had been a County Council Bailiff. We have not found a John Bamford, but in 1911 Joseph Banford, a postman born at Guarlford was living at Warner's Farm. His wife was a dressmaker and his son Percival worked at a stationer's shop.

The photo below shows the Shinn family sawing a tree trunk on the common opposite Rose Farm; in the distance can be seen the farm buildings and cottages in the south west corner of the field (source: Shinn family album).

Cutting a log

The two semi-detached cottages still stand at 109, Guarlford Road. The photo below shows the cottages as they are now.

Rose Farm Cottages


Rose Farm was purchased by a developer after WWII. The farm buildings were later converted to the home now known as Rose Farm Barn.


The old barn opposite the Green Dragon was not uniquely identified in the sale particulars; it fell into disrepair, but was rebuilt and converted circa 2013 into the dwelling now known as Rose Cottage (see below).

Rose cottage

Rose Cottage

Lot 68 - Laburnam House

Barnards Green

A freehold small holding comprising a double fronted dwelling house known as 'Laburnam House'. Containing Vestibule, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Coal and Wood House, Larder, Back Kitchen with Bread Oven, three Bedrooms and two Attics. Also a Brick and Wood Erection comprising Piggeries, Loose Box, Fowl-pen, Furnace and Boiler, together with a capital Garden and Paddock the whole comprising 1a 3r 7p or thereabouts, and let to Mr George E Trigg on an annual tenancy, Michaelmas entry at £25 per annum, the tenant paying rates and taxes.

The 1911 census records the occupation of George Edwin Trigg born at Malvern about 1867 as the manager of a livery yard.

Laburnam House

Laburnam House

Laburnam House, 99 Guarlford Road, of Georgian style, still exists and is a Grade II listed building.

Lot 69 - Three Cottages at Hall Green

Hall Green

Three picturesque, half-timbered freehold cottages and gardens. One is in the occupancy of Mrs Williams on a monthly tenancy at £6 per annum and two are let to John Bedington on quarterly tenancies who has been in occupation for more than 20 years, at £13 per annum.

Total annual rental £19 per annum, the owner paying all rates and taxes. Area about 1,900 square yards.

Remarks - These cottages adjoin Hall green, are pleasantly situated, with a very charming view of Malvern.

In the 1911 census John Edmond Bedington is described as an Engine Attendant, Malvern Urban District Council. Next door are living widow Harriett Williams aged 48, a laundress and Elizabeth Jane Drinkwater, also a laundress

The photo below shows a close up of the cottages from the Guarlford History Group archive (source: Bedington family album).

Cottages at Hall Green

The cottages, which stood on the corner of Jackpit Lane, eventually fell into decay after being left empty and were demolished circa 2000 in order to build a large modern house named 'The Paddocks'.

The Paddocks at Hall Green

Here there are good views across Hall Green common to the hills.

Lot 70 - Jessamine and Lashford Cottages

These cottages, long since demolished, once stood opposite the Green Dragon to the right of the old barn which is now named Rose Cottage, as shown in this image from the sale catalogue.

Jessamine and Lashford cottages

Barnards Green

Two freehold brick and timbered cottages with Tiled Roof and known as,

Jessamine Cottage

containing Kitchen with Coal Cellar under, Bedroom and Attic, Washhouse, Earth Closet, Pigsty and Garden. Let to George Griffiths, on a monthly tenancy, at £5 per annum.

George Griffiths was a general labourer, born Guarlford about 1862. His father had been a wheelwright.

Lashford Cottage

containing Kitchen and Back Kitchen, Two Bedrooms and Attic, Pantry, Washhouse, Earth Closet, Toolhouse, Pigsty and Garden. Let to Samuel Stanton Junior, on a monthly tenancy at £4 4s per annum.

Samuel Stanton was a labourer who worked for the Malvern Urban District Council. Also living at the cottage were his wife, three grown up children and a lodger. Samuel's father lived at Hall Green.

The photo below shows a close up of the cottages from the Guarlford History Group archive.

Jessamine Cottage



Lot 71 - Cottages and blacksmith's shop on the corner of Chance Lane


Freehold cottages, gardens and business premises at the corner of Barnard's Green and the road leading to Sherrard's Green; comprising the Blacksmith's Shop and Office, Open Shed with Corrugated Iron Roof, and Wheelwright Shop and Yard. Let to Mrs Ellen Cole on monthly tenancy at £15 per annum.

Yew Tree Cottage

Brick and Timber built with thatched roof containing Kitchen, Pantry, Cellar, Sitting Room, Two Bedrooms, Washhouse, Earth Closet, Tool Shed and good Garden. Let to Frank Burston, on a monthly tenancy, at £7 per annum.

Frank Burston is described in the 1911 census as an Agricultural Engineer. Living with him were his wife and five children; it must have been pretty cramped.

(Note: a 'Yew Tree Cottage' still exists at 3, Chance Lane, but that property has a tiled roof so either the original building was modernised and extended or more likely the original cottage was replaced in the 1920s.)


Also three Brick-Built Cottages, with Slated and Tiled Roofs, known as,

Woodbine Cottage, Ivy Cottage, and Vine Cottage

In the occupation of Mrs Elizabeth Price, on a monthly tenancy at £12 per annum; Miss Anne Healey, on a monthly tenancy, at £9 9s per annum, and Mrs Sarah Healey, on a monthly tenancy, at £10 per annum. Total annual rental; £53 9s, the owner paying all rates and taxes.

Area 0a 3 r 14p.

Remarks - The above is a good corner property, and well occupied by a respectable class of tenants.

Price and Bradshaw familiesElizabeth Price who lived at Vine Cottage was the grandmother of village historian Joan Bradshaw. Her husband Frank, a bank clerk, had died in 1902.

We have no photo of the cottages, but there are photos of the Price family who often sat out on the common in the summer (source: Bradshaw family album)

In this photo taken about 1930 Joan and her brother Colin are sitting in front of their mother Florence Ada Bradshaw who is sitting next to her mother Elizabeth Price. In the back row is Joan's father Victor Bradshaw and Florence's sister Lucy May who married an Indian surgeon.

An earlier photo (see below) taken in the 1920s shows Joan and her brother Colin and mother in the back garden of The Vines overlooking the common. A tall telegraph pole can just be made out on the edge of the Guarlford Road. Colin Bradshaw was later to fly Lancaster bombers in WWII; he survived the war and lived to a good age.

Florence Bradshaw and children

The photos below, taken in the 1960s, (source: the Cole family), show the corner of the common where Raymond Cole ran his Coach Building business with his wife Emily. Possibly Emily was the 'Ellen' Cole referred to as renting the premises.

Raymond and Emily Cole lived opposite their business in a semi-detached house now named Valentines; they also rented the Smithy further down Chance Lane. These were the subject of Lot 75 (see below). When Raymond Cole retired in the 1930s, the premises was sold to Woodwards Coaches.

Corner of Chance Lane

The next photo shows more of the buildings taken from a window of the Coles' home across the road. In 1910, wagons would have been built here, and horses shoed.



The Guarlford Story relates:

Raymond Cole was a wheelwright who lived in the first house on the right in Chance Lane and built carts and wagons for farmers and tradesmen.

He owned a wheelwright’s shop on the edge of the common, and opposite, a smithy where he employed blacksmiths, including Alf Young's grandfather. The blacksmiths shod horses but also fitted the carts and wagons with their iron furnishings and fixed the iron tyres on the wheels.

Sam Beard remembers the finished vehicles painted in bright colours standing outside to be admired by passers-by until collected by their owners. So there was a hive of industry at the end of Chance Lane in the first part of the twentieth century, with farm machinery to be repaired and horses to be shod.

In the blacksmith’s yard was a large round iron platform on which the wheels were shod with iron bands. Men with large pincers carried the band red-hot from the forge and dropped it over the wheel in place on the platform; buckets of water were quickly thrown over it, and the smith, in clouds of steam, hammered it all round until it cooled and fitted tightly, ready for many years’ hard work on road or land. This process held a great fascination for children peering through the palings of the gate, always closed for safety on such occasions.

The wheelwright premises were later taken over by ‘Woodwards Coaches’, known to many still living in the village today, and then by ‘Miles Transport’.

Charlie Williams of Sherrard’s Green recalls how, as a child of six, he saw how the smithies and wheelwrights were affected by the Depression of the 1930s, when Mr Ray Cole said that only the milk ponies were being shod and people were economising by not having harness and carts repaired.

All the properties that comprised Lot 71 have since been demolished and the land now forms part of the common owned by the Malvern Hills Conservators; see photo below.

Site of Cole's Wheelwright business

Lot 72 - Grove House Farm

A valuable freehold estate known as Grove House Farm in the parish of Guarlford, adjoining the Madresfield Estate, Leigh Charity Land and other portions of the Foley Estate, including five Cottages.

The farm house was known as the Homestead:

which is beautifully situated, a capital residence with Hall entrance, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Larder, Dairy, Back Kitchen and Three Cellars. On the First Floor, Four Bedrooms and one Dressing Room, and Three Bedrooms with Attic chamber over, which are approached by front and back stairs.

The farm buildings are conveniently arranged, and include Paved Yard, with Washing Shed and Boiler, Cider Shed, Wood Shed and Calf House. Trap House, Coach-house,  Boiling House, Three Pig Sties, Potato House or Mixing Shed with Granary over, Cow Shed for nine, Two-stall Nag Stable and Loft. Cow Shed for eight and Bull Pen. Open Shed and enclosed Yard, Two Loose Boxes, Mixing House and Chaff Room, Large Shed and Enclosed Yard.

Two-bay Barn, Cart Shed about 40ft by 20 ft, Dutch Barn 60ft by 20 ft, Fowl House and Rick Yard.

In field 228 are two newly built cottages, each containing, Vestibule, Living Room, Pantry, Scullery, Thee Bedrooms, Pig Sty, Loft for Tools, Earth Closet, Dust-bin and good garden. (Note: we think these black and white cottages stood opposite the junction of Hall Green Road with Chance Lane where there is a modern house now. Amy Clifford's story mentions living there.)

In field 259 is a Double Fronted cottage with Bakehouse, Outbuilding and Large Garden, let to Mr George Nicholls at £20 per annum (we think this is the house now known as The Bakery, opposite the junction of Jackpit Lane with Chance Lane and Grove House Farm drive)

The Bakery

and Two Thatched Brick and Timber built Cottages at Hall Green, with Large Gardens, in the occupation of Mrs Shepherd and Samuel Stanton.

The whole containing an area of 153 acres.

(We think the latter cottages, since demolished, were situated near the entrance to the modern development known as Baldenhall.)

Remarks - The Grove House Farm, which is very moderately rented, occupies a good position, and has a superior residence and homestead, in good order and repair, together with five cottages. The land is well farmed, and the view from the house towards Malvern and the hills is exceptionally fine.

Grove House Farm was at that time let to Mr William Brewer. At the farm in 1911 were Mary Ann Brewer aged 66 born at Longdon, her son William Brewer born at Eastnor about 1875, three daughters, a ploughman and a plough boy. The photo below shows Bill Brewer, in later life, with a horse and cart (from the Guarlford History Group Archive, source: D Lawson).

Bill Brewer

Grove House Farm was purchased by the Madresfield Estate and Bill Brewer continued as tenant.

Lot 73 - A field north of Jackpit Lane

No 158 on plan, containing an area of 9 acres or thereabouts, let with other land to Mr William Brewer as annual tenant, Michaelmas entry, at the apportioned rent of £7 per annum.

Remarks - This field is bounded by roads on each side excepting for a small portion at Hall Green - to which it has frontage extending to over 900 yards.


(The homes in Hall Green Road and Hall Green Close were built in this field, probably in the 1930s as they were not shown on the 1927 Ordnance Survey map. For some reason the end of the field at the Corner of Jackpit Lane and Chance Lane was not developed. Word of mouth has it that there may be an ancient burial ground here; hundreds of years ago there was a small Chapel in the field near the corner of Hall Green Road and Chance Lane.)

Lot 74 - New House Farm

An important freehold estate known as New House Farm in the occupation of Stephen George Medcalf situated in the Barnards Green Road near to Guarlford, comprising a Superior Residence with Hall Entrance, Dining Room 18ft by 16ft, Drawing Room 18ft by 16 ft, Morning Room 13ft 6in by 12ft 6in, Front and Back Kitchen, Larder, Dairy Wash-house, Boot House, Coal House, Cellar with rolling way from yard, and Out-offices. Front and back stairs, Five Good Bedrooms, w.c., Bath Room and Lavatory. On the Second Floor: Two Bedrooms, Box Room and Work Room; with Lawn at front of house, and well-planted borders, and Kitchen Garden.

New House Farm

New House farmhouse in 2010

The Farm Buildings consist of a Cider House and Mill, Three Hop Kilns and Granary, Cart Horse Stable for six, Three Pigsties, Barn with two Bays, Mixing House with Loft over, Engine Shed. Four Calf-pens or Loose Boxes, and Bullpen; Cowshed for fourteen, Two stall Stable, Coach-house, Three Boxes, Yard, Cart and Implement Shed, and Rickyard. In Field No 453 there is a Wood Barn with tiled roof containing two Bays and Brick and Tiled Building, with Shed, Loose Box Stable, Calf-pen in enclosed yard.

Three Modern-built Cottages, brick build and tiled, each with two Kitchens, Three Bedrooms, Pigsty and run, Toolhouse and Large garden (see below).

New House Cottages

Also a Detached Four-Roomed Cottage near the above, with Large Gardens, together with the Enclosures of Fertile Pasture, Meadow, Arable and Hop Lands containing 148 acres or thereabouts.

Remarks - The New House has recently been improved by the addition of Two Reception Rooms and a Hall Entrance, and has a capital Homestead adjoining. The present tenant has been in occupation for about 26 years. The land includes turf of good quality with a fair proportion of Arable and Hop Grounds and has been well farmed.

The four room cottage mentioned above may be the house shown below which has been extended and modernised.

New House

The photo below shows New House Farm as it was about 1900, before the extension of the front, with Oast Houses on the left - from the Guarlford Scene (source: A Medcalf).

New House Farm 1900

The exterior of the farmhouse at Grove House Farm appears to have been of a similar design.

Lot 75 - Freehold cottages and workshop

Guarlford, Near Barnards Green, two modern built Freehold Cottages and Workshop with large Gardens.

The Cottages contain Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, Living Room and three Bedrooms; earth closet, Pigsty, Tool House, and a good Garden. One is let to Mrs Ellen Cole on a monthly tenancy, Michaelmas entry at £10 per annum, and one to Mr Stephen George Medcalf, on an annual tenancy, Michaelmas entry, at £10 per annum.

Houses in Chance Lane

Also a Building nearly adjoining used as a wheelwright paint shop, let to Mrs Ellen Cole, on a monthly tenancy, at an apportioned rent of £3 per annum. Total rental £23 per annum the owner paying al rates and taxes.

Area 0a 2r 16p or thereabouts.

Remarks - The above is a well built property in good order and repair and let at moderate rentals.

(This lot refers to the two semi-detached houses and workshop towards the end of Chance Lane.)

Coles' Smithy

Coles' Smithy

Lot 76 - A freehold cottage


A freehold cottage with large Garden, having a frontage to the road to Upton-upon-Severn of about 60 yards, in the occupation of Mrs Davis, at a rental of £3 per annum.

The Cottage contains Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Washhouse, Two Bedrooms, and a Building at bottom of garden, used as a laundry.

Area 1,280 square yards or thereabouts.

This was probably the cottage let to Marie Hall and her family.


Lot 77 - Two fields

Two enclosures of freehold meadow land adjoining the property of Mr G E Lane and the Foley estate, near Wood Street, Nos 466 and 467 on plan, containing 3 acres and let to Mr G E Lane on an annual tenancy, Michaelmas entry, at £6 per annum, the tenant paying all rates and taxes.

The Lane family farmed at Woodbridge Farm for many generations.

Lot 78 - Two thatched cottages

Two picturesque freehold brick and timber built thatched cottages in the occupation of Mrs Hannah Woodland, on an annual tenancy, at £15 per annum. The smaller cottage has Two Rooms down, and one Bedroom, Scullery and Bakehouse; and the larger cottage, Living Room, Sitting Room, Pantry and Three Bedrooms. Outside is Wood Cart Shed, Washhouse, Pigsty, Closet and Toolhouse. The houses are surrounded by a Large Garden and Small Paddock, and stands well back from the Barnard's Green Road.

Area 1a 1r 14p or thereabouts.

Remarks - The above houses are a fine example of brick and timber work, with thatched roof. They are in fair order and repair, and are beautifully situated in the centre of a large garden, standing well back from the road, to which the property has a large frontage.

The timber framed buildings now form one property on the Guarlford Road, opposite the junction with Chance Lane.

Shinns' Cottage

Lot 79 - Mill Farm (sold privately)

Barnard's Green

An important freehold estate known as Mill Farm Barnard's Green having long frontages to the Barnard's Green Road and Malvern Common, and adjoining other portions of the Foley Estate and the property of the Duke Gandolfi. Let with six Cottages and Gardens to Mrs Bullock, whose family have been tenants for many generations, and in other occupations. The Mill Farm House and Homestead are very pleasantly situated at Barnard's Green. The Superior Residence contains Hall entrance, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Breakfast Room, with Cellar under Drawing Room, China Pantry, Back Hall, Dairy, Larder, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and Cider House, Eight Bedrooms, Dressing Room, Boxroom, Lumber Room, and Front and Back Stairs, with capital Kitchen Garden. The buildings include Fowl Houses and runs, Two Pigsties, Cider Mill, Cake House with Loft, Two Calf-pens, Open Shed and Yard, Cow House for eight, Calf Cot, Cow-house for fourteen, Large Two Bay Barn, Mixing House, Bull Pen, Fowl House, Rick Yard, Cart and Implement Shed with Granary over, Nag Stable (two stalls), Cart Stable for five, Loose Box, Carriage House. The yard is approached through a covered gateway. In No 200 on plan there is a Fold Yard, with Brick and Tiled Buildings, including Barn with Two Bays, open shed, and Timber and Corrugated Shed, and Loose Box, and Three Cottages with Large Gardens. In 459 on Plan there are Two Fold Yards with Brick and Tiled Buildings, including Barn with Two Bays, wood lean-to Cart Shed, Pigsty, Loose Box, and Brick and Tiled Open Shed, together with Two Cottages and Gardens let with the farm. There is also a good Detached Cottage with Garden in part 526 on Plan.

Remarks - The Mill Farm occupies an important position owing to its proximity to Great Malvern. The land is undulating, and from which most beautiful views of Malvern and the hills are obtainable.

There is a capital House and Homestead and the farm is bounded by good roads and common land, on two sides of which are laid sewerage, gas and water mains, and the property possesses great prospective value and is very desirable either for occupation or investment.

The property let to Messrs Tilt Bros includes a good Brick and Tile Cottage and Garden, Wagon Shed, Four Pigsties and runs, and Corn Mill with Two Chambers over and Basement.

The schedule that follows lists,

  • Mrs Bullock renting the Farm House, six cottages and 248 acres

  • Mrs Wilks renting a small meadow of less than one acre

  • Mrs Kite and William Taylor renting cottages

  • Messrs Tilt Bros renting a cottage, Corn Mill and 5 acres of meadow

  • E Trigg renting 24 acres of orchard and meadow

The sporting rights over part of Mrs Bullock's farm are let to Duke Gandolfi on a yearly Lady Day tenancy at £4 12s per annum. The Landlord paying rates.

A map in the catalogue shows that the Corn Mill and cottage were at the bottom of Mill Lane, where the remains of a water mill can still be seen. The Tilt family who rented the cottage and land were dairy farmers at Hanley Swan and had a milk delivery business.


The Bullock family still farm at Mill Farm.




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  2. The Guarlford Story

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Research: by Angus and Rosemary McCulloch

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