Guarlford Village Hall


Chairmanís Report to Guarlford Parish Council

2008 was another busy year for the village hall. Income from the hire of the hall was very good with a significant increase in revenue compared with 2007. Besides the regular users such as WI, Parish Council and PCC, the Yoga Club has been particularly successful.

A local Table Tennis Club tried out the hall as a venue for its matches and this looks promising for another long term letting commitment. Discussions are currently in hand with a combined Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade for use of the hall one evening a week during school term time.

There was a lot of activity during the year on hall improvements and maintenance. New double glazed windows were fitted throughout, together with replacement of two external doors. The brickwork of the west wall was repointed and this completed the task of re-pointing all of the hallís brickwork.

An inspection was made of the hallís electrical system and this resulted in replacement of some emergency light units. The cost of these activities caused a considerable drain on village hall reserves, even though there was a grant of £10478 from the Severn Waste Environmental Fund towards the window replacements.

The main aim for 2009 is to build up village hall funds to enable £2000 to be set aside in a contingency reserve for unforeseen repairs.

The Christmas Fair produced £422 for hall funds. The continued financial support from Guarlford Parish Council is much appreciated.

Long term aims include replacement of the main entrance doors, improvements to the floor of the function room and installation of a special toilet for the disabled.

There has been no activity on the rebuild of the former Menís Club.

The chairman thanks all committee members for their support. Mrs Dot Hewin is especially thanked for all her hard work keeping the hall premises so clean and presentable. Several users of the hall have expressed their appreciation of how well the hall is kept.

In conclusion, the future for the hall is encouraging. 2009 sees the 60th anniversary of the hall becoming a registered charity and I am sure our predecessors, who put so much effort leading up to that important achievement in 1949, would be satisfied that, sixty years on, the hall is very much a going concern.


Don Hill


11th May 2009